Stainless Steel Fabrication Solutions

Consulting & Project Management

Consulting and Project ManagementAre you looking for innovative solutions to grow your food processing business? Do you want to utilize processing technology that allows you to scale and grow your operation as your business grows? At Eastern Fabricators we work with clients all over the world to analyze their unique needs and design custom solutions that address their operational challenges and improve the bottom line.

Our design, engineering and production teams work directly with clients to identify deficiencies and improve their productivity through the uses of innovative technology and design.


DesigningWe create beautifully designed stainless steel products and systems that make your business work. Our highly experienced engineering and drafting teams creates three-dimensional designs for custom projects using the most up to date Inventor software programs.


EngineeringOur engineering team, lead by Jeff MacDonald and Rob Mayhew, are experts in design and project management in the metal fabrication industry. We specialize in designing equipment for the food processing industry including conveyors, tanks, refrigeration coils, pressure vessels and piping systems.

Fabrication and Manufacturing

Fabrication and ManufacturingOur certified fabricators build quality stainless-steel products and fully integrated systems using state of the art equipment and technology. We believe in continuous training and innovation and our reputation is built on delivering the highest quality workmanship to our clients.

It is our practice to assemble and test all systems in our facility, using best practices throughout product development before carefully packing and shipping products worldwide.


InstallationThe final step: installing your custom system. We have worked with clients to install equipment and systems all over the world. Our team of project managers and installation crews will work with you to install and test your equipment at your production facility to ensure a seamless integration of the new system into production.


SupportYour success is our success. We build relationships and trust with our clients by providing the expertise and products needed to make your operation a success. This includes on-going, accessible, technical and mechanical support throughout a long-term relationship with our clients.